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About Black Dirt Organics

Black Dirt Organics uses chemical-free, patented, and proprietary methods to extract plant nutrients from high-quality compost. Unlike ordinary compost created with whatever organic matter is available, our compost is created with consistent inputs and is carefully monitored daily for both temperature and moisture throughout the composting process. Consistently higher quality compost results in more microbes which produce more  fulvic and humic acid. Fulvic and humic acid are the natural transporters of nutrients into all plants.

Black Dirt Organics has received numerous awards over the past 6 years including: 2nd Place Invented in Utah, Best of State Business Innovation, and Best of State in Farm Equipment and Supplies four times.

Our product has been part of the fertilizer input programs for four new worlds records in corn production (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017) and a new world record in soy bean production in 2016. Many state records are also held by growers using our product as part of their programs.

How GroTerra Works


What makes GroTerra™ Liquid Compost Fertilizer your best solution?

  • Contains Over 70 nutrients

  • Contains both Fulvic and Humic acid

  • No chemicals used in extraction

  • Water soluble 

  • Chelates with most fertilizers

  • Makes other fertilizers more bio-available

  • Reduces leaching of chemical fertilizers

  • Produces healthier plants

  • Healthy plants can better resist insects and disease

  • Easier to apply than compost

  • Very quick results when applied to leaves

Fulvic acid is natures clean up and feeding material. It chelates beneficial nutrients for more complete plant intake either by roots or leaves, and it binds non-beneficial elements so they are not available for plants. Fulvic acid also improves the environment for, and stimulates growth of, naturally occurring microbes in soil. 

Humic acid promotes the healthy biology of soil. Humic acid is part of what gives healthy soil it's rich black color and earthy smell.

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