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A non-chemical liquid compost fertilizer that is applied directly to plants or soil to improve plant health. GroTerra™ Liquid Compost fertilizer allows reduction or elimination of synthetic/chemical fertilizers helping to return the soil to it's natural state.


  • Works in as little as 30 minutes!
  • 32 ounce bottle will treat approxiamtely 8,000 ft2 of lawn/soil
  • Apply every 4-5 weeks
  • Because the product is made from natural compost materials, unlike synthietic chemical fertilizers, it can be applied more frequently as desired without risk of harming plants



GroTerra™ Liquid Compost Fertilizer

GroTerra™ Liquid Compost Fertilizer
  • GroTerra™ Liquid Compost fertilizer can be applied either directly to soil before planting or directly to plants after planting to increase plant's nutrient density. Healthly plants are better able to repell insects and disease. GroTerra™ Liquid Compost helps return soil to it's natural state improving plant health and crop production.