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Heal The Earth

With All-Natural Liquid Compost Fertilizer

Most chemical fertilizers can be great for immediate plant growth, but ignore the long-term health of soil and are not always beneficial for the rest of the environment. At Black Dirt Organics, we help you have the best lawn and fullest garden without sacrificing the rest of the environment. Join us in helping to heal the earth.


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GroTerra™ on Flowers

GroTerra™ on flowers will help you have the thickest, most colorful flowers on the block.

GroTerra™ on Lawns

GroTerra™ on lawns is specialized to make your lawn the thickest, greenest it can be.

GroTerra™ on Gardens

GroTerra™ on gardens is an easy-to-apply fertilizer that will enhance both yield and flavor of your favorite garden produce.